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From February 28 until April 23, 2016, I will be Inspecting elevator’s in the following States:
Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana.
I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Michael Panzo (808)852-1885
QEI Certified Inspector

Email: mpanzo@dynamic-elevator-systems.com

Our Goal and Mission, is to ensure all elevator equipment are being properly maintained according to code.  We accomplish this through stringently inspecting every component, that makes up the complete elevator equipment system.  Just because you have a maintenance company servicing your elevator equipment, does not mean short cuts are not being taken to keep your elevators running.

Building owners and/or property managers should have a third party elevator inspector, inspect and evaluate all repair work being done due to a shutdown of the elevator equipment. Prolonged or continuing shutdowns are red flags that indicate the problem is serious. Elevator equipment should be running problem free.

Simple maintenance neglect will lead to subsequent breakdowns resulting in unsafe operating conditions, which can cause someone serious injuries or result in someone's death. 
With a third party elevator inspector on your team, your elevator equipment will be constantly evaluated and operating at higher efficiency levels.
You will know the exact condition of your elevator equipment, at all times. Chances are, you are paying for repairs that are not due to normal wear and tear, but from maintenance neglect.
We have over 25 years of consulting, inspection and field experience in planning, installing, repairing and maintaining elevator equipment from careers starting off as elevator mechanics.  Our team of inspectors have certified and witnessed elevator equipment throughout Europe, the United States and its territories. 
Our evaluations are detailed and will equate to overall safety and reliability of your equipment for years of service.  
We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust, in delivering you the best service in the industry